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 BDSL 4/26

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PostSubject: BDSL 4/26   BDSL 4/26 EmptyWed Apr 23, 2008 10:44 am

MOB is playing oNe this saturday at 10 pm. The maps are as follows:

map #1 - Copperhead Demolition (we are terrorists)
map #2 - Antenora Suppression (we are terrorists)
map #3 - Citadel Suppression (we are terrorists)

I need to know of 8 people who want to play in the war this saturday. This way we can practice with the same people we will be playing with in the war. If you think you can play in the war, you need to make sure you are online practicing these maps a lot between now and saturday.

This one is big guys, we are playing AGAINST Lukenbacher and we need to show him what MOB is all about. Lets Do Work!!
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MOB Leader
MOB Leader

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PostSubject: Re: BDSL 4/26   BDSL 4/26 EmptyFri Apr 25, 2008 1:53 pm

I'm not allowed to play for the rest of the 8v8 boom season gentlemen. oNe's roster was locked at the beginning of the BDSL due to drama and I am not allowed to play for the remainder of the season. I will only be in the 13v13 and the NO BOOM & MAP-PACKS. If yall actually kept up with the BDSL, you would already know this.

And show me what MOB is all about.........?

Un-fkn-believable. I know what MOB is about......lets not forget who started this clan and recruited half of you. I know my leaving has caused some confusion. The leaders have been well aware of my thoughts on leaving for months now. I even posted a blog in HERE detailing a little of my frustrations. Some of you may disagree, but MY LEAVING has actually JUMPSTARTED MOB again. We were to a point where we were barely having enough online to war. Now, I'm already seeing other MOB step up and make shit happen. I don't believe this would have happened if I were still there. I feel I was becoming in-effective as a leader. So you wanna know why I left? Well here ya go so there's no bullshit floating around:

1.) Roster depletion. We went from 75+ members to 31 in a month and a half.

2.) Leader in-activity. I was the only leader that was truly doing anything the last 2-3 months.

3.) No BDSL support. Do you realize that the new clans putting applications in have more of there members registered and active that the entire MOB clan? Clans that aren't even IN the BDSL yet. lol

4.) We went 2 and half weeks where we never had more than 6 ppl online at one time! The only exception was 10 MINUTES BEFORE our last BDSL war in which we had 9. What BS! A few of you practiced.....a few. And the rest of the team?........

5.) The mics had become an outlet for bitching. No communication, no calling people out, just complaints about how we shouldnt have died and why someone in our clan is gay. Show me what MOB's all about No. 7, cause this wasn't MOB 6 months ago.

6.) Half of the clan argued that the BDSL was destroying us, yet, thats the only time they logged in.

7.) I recruited for 2 weeks and got one person. And he left the same night because we had a WAR and did the most retarded shit I've ever seen our clan do. 2-0 on fault and harv night. 2 months ago.....we would have had a meeting over this. But everyone just bitched and team-killed and our new recruit left laughing about how we sucked. The worse thing is that I could only recruit 1 friggin guy! 2 weeks of TRY OUT rooms and the majority of the time I was the only person in the room. Everyone asked me if I was starting a new clan......

8.) We went through all the trouble of building two separate websites to help our clan get organized....and we spent hours maintaining it. Look how many people use this thing. The very words I'm typing will be read by maybe 4 people.

9.) We were slowly losing some great players. Players that actually carried MOB. Mainly due to how our clan conducted itself and the fact that we were getting online less and less.

10.) Our clan couldn't even get organized enough to vote certain people out when they came into a room. Or they wouldn't remove them from their friends lists. And yes, I'm talking about the UNION. 4-5 of you STILL have them on your friends lists. Even though they booted YOUR leader 4-5 times a night for almost 2 weeks straight. You just kept them there, let them disrespect your clan leader and wouldn't vote them out. After 2 weeks of that, and THEN finding out some of your closest MOB had them there the whole time! Thanks guys. Thanks for keeping the UNION close to us so they can keep fucking everything up.

11.) I hear gossip all the time about why is Luke the leader. He sucks. Im a better player than him....he picks horrible maps for the BDSL.....blah blah. I've heard some outrageous shit over the past year. Well, now's your chance. I obviously fucked it all up boys. My 20-25 HOURS A FKN week I invested into everyone just to see them turn against me. Thats kool. I gotta a clan of grown-ups that have team-work, communication, and bad mouth the leader and your gone. I actually enjoy logging in now. So hate me all you want. Talk all that shit. Just don't forget I invested part of my life into each and everyone of you. And just because I pass that responsibility down to someone else, your going to hate me for it. I just wanna have fun again, not a second job. If you can't understand that, then you were never really my friend to begin with. I do miss some of you, and glad to be rid of others.

In closing, all I hear now is how LUKE bailed on us, deserted us, and joined the competition. FUCK YOU! You abandoned me MOB! I had 3 leaders I rarely saw and 5 people on a night......WE WERE IN A LEAGUE PEOPLE! So who deserted who? It's easy to point that finger and bad mouth me behind my back, but you all know what happened. Hell, half the clan doesn't even know I quit yet because they haven't even fucking logged on! And the other half only knows because I had the courtesy to notify everyone I had a phone number for. If anyone should be angry, it should be me. I invested 20+ hours a week and my own personal money to the BDSL just to see my clan leave me high and dry! So stop that LUKE left us BULLSHIT, and start looking at yourselves before the whole fucking clan is gone. You want my advice? MAKE A DECISION:
1.) Is MOB just a social thing where we have fun every now and then?
2.) MOB is a highly competitive group of serious gamers!

Yall made that decision for ME already. Now you get to ask yourselves the same thing again. What will it be? What else can I say..... good luck MOB.
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BDSL 4/26
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