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[MOB] 585kiil3r
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MOB Member
[MOB] 585kiil3r

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PostSubject: BDSL   BDSL EmptyFri May 02, 2008 2:22 pm

[color=darkblue]This clan is looking like no clan cuzz first of all we only have like 2 peolpe online everyday me and UCALLMEGOD has been online and nody else except for corey and iam-the-shit. but other then that i havent been seeing nobody online. And since we dropped out the BDSL 8v8 league they have revoked our applacations for the 8v8 No Boom season and the 8v8 Map Pack season so if i were u CRAZE i would go to the BDSL homepage and sign us up again because i am not the clan rep[/color]
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